How to Keep Plastic Surgery Tasteful

tasteful plastic surgeryIf you are considering plastic surgery but do not know if it is something you will regret or something you will love, take your time to think through the decision carefully. Considering the permanency of plastic surgery, you want to be very sure that it is the right move for you. We have all seen and heard the horror stories of what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong. Plastic surgery is not a brand new phenomenon anymore, and as long as you choose a reputable surgeon, your chances of coming out a monster are very low. However, this partly depends on your careful decision making in which type of procedure you are seeking.

Moderation is one of the keys to successful plastic surgery. Those who are receiving too many plastic surgery procedures or those who are taking on too drastic of plastic surgery procedures are bound to have regrets. Feeling confident that a stranger can drastically alter your appearance and everything will come out looking natural is not a safe way to go. There is a possibility that everything will turn out fine, but the more procedures you take on and the more drastic the nature of the procedures, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong.

Subtlety is the key to successful plastic surgery. The more the procedure or procedures work against the natural formation of your face, the more likely they are to have displeasing results. Procedures that work with and compliment your features, keeping lines going in the same direction and shapes resembling what they originally were, are much more likely to return positive results. Minor procedures as opposed to large scale ones are recommended for more natural looking outcomes, and limiting the number of procedures you take on to a tasteful number is far more likely to keep your appearance looking natural, healthy and unaltered.

Plastic Surgery Ethics

ethics of plastic surgeryThe ethics surrounding plastic surgery are very controversial. There are those who believe it is largely harmless and beneficial, and then there are those who believe it is completely unnatural. Viewpoints on plastic surgery range so widely for a number of reasons. Plastic surgery is a relatively new procedure. There are those who feel that surgeries should be reserved for people who require them for health reasons, not beauty reasons. People of this mindset usually feel that plastic surgery is a frivolous uses of a surgeon’s expertise and an individual’s money, as well as a way of trying to control nature. Others think that people should be free to alter their appearances however they want to, so long as the means to do it safely are available. People are free to their opinions, but there are several considerations to make in order to determine if a particular plastic surgery procedure is ethical.

  • What is the scale of the procedure? If someone wants to commit to a plastic surgery procedure that is so large scale that they would hardly be identifiable afterward, this raises ethical red flags. Plastic surgery is most tasteful when it is minor and subtle, and most likely to go wrong when it is major and obvious.
  • Has previous work been done? Someone who has never had plastic surgery before or who has had very little plastic surgery is more likely to be conservative in their decision making. But someone who is routinely having work done could be abusing the option of plastic surgery.
  • Is the individual mentally healthy enough? Believe it or not, plastic surgery can turn into a legitimate addiction. People have become addicted to plastic surgery to the extent of morphing their appearances into very disturbing altered states. A person who has become this carried away should be intervened upon and strongly encouraged to quit plastic surgery. Anyone struggling with this problem should be referred to addiction counseling Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Beauty Standards

Beverly Hills plastic surgeryBeverly Hills has a long standing reputation for having one of the highest beauty standards in the United States. Beverly Hills is a portion of the Greater Los Angeles area in California that is know to be home to a great many celebrities and movie stars. This is why it is renowned for its beauty and elegance. It is also known for its cut throat nature of discarding those who are not young enough, fit enough or attractive enough. For this reason, the residents of Beverly Hills fight tooth and nail to keep their appearances flawless at all costs.

Fitness is taken very seriously in Beverly Hills. Most residents have personal trainers and rigorous exercise routines to keep their body fat percentage low and their muscles tightly toned. Skin care is a huge industry in Beverly Hills. This may be basic cosmetic care in the form of spa treatments, facials and skin creams, or it may be in more large scale, permanent alterations such as laser therapy or electrolysis. Hair maintenance is taken very seriously in Beverly Hills, warranting regular visit to the salon for cuts, styling, coloring and treating. Fingernails and toenails are always polished, manicured and pedicured.

One of the things that makes the beauty industry in Beverly Hills unique is that it is the plastic surgery capitol of the United States. Beverly Hills and the celebrity culture centered around Hollywood are what earned Los Angeles the nickname “Silicone Valley” for the incredible amount of plastic surgery that can be found there. In other parts of the world, plastic surgery is rare, but in Beverly Hills, it is incredibly common and is considered the standard. Residents share contact information with one another for their plastic surgeons and recommend one another for procedures. Some people use plastic surgery tastefully while others have conspicuously taken it too far. There is no denying that plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is a very prominent part of the beauty culture.