The Beverly Hills View of Plastic Surgery

Hollywood plastic surgeryDuring the 1980’s and 1990’s, Beverly Hills and Hollywood became known as the plastic surgery capitol of the world. This region was not given the pseudonym “Silicone Valley” for no reason. There are more plastic surgery procedures performed in this area of Southern California than anywhere else on the globe. This is primarily due to the immense wealth of this area’s residents and the central importance of the entertainment industry to this region.

When anyone thinks of the plastic surgery industry in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, they instantly picture the artificial look that everyone has seen in pictures and in movies, complete with high arching eyebrows, enhanced cheek bones and unnaturally large lips. Plastic surgery can be put to good use, but Silicone Valley does not do a very good job exemplifying this. In fact, it has given the cosmetic surgery industry a reputation for catering to vain, frivolous customers who take cosmetic alterations to a level of excess.

Outside of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the plastic surgery industry is very different. There are quality plastic surgeons located through out North America in all of the large to midsize cities, but people hardly acknowledge their presence because their work is much less excessive. This is because outside of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, plastic surgery is much more tasteful and conservative. There is a higher value on natural living and restraint in cosmetically altering one’s appearance. Even in New York, a city that is renowned for its fashion and high culture, plastic surgery is regarded more as something to be used in moderation rather than in excess.

The attitude toward plastic surgery changes from region to region. In the central part of the United States, plastic surgery is often considered completely frivolous and unnatural, even sinful. In the Miami area of Florida, a region known for its wild side, plastic surgery is accepted in a similar way as it is in Beverely Hills and Hollywood. In the northern, highly educated parts of the United States, cosmetic alterations are kept to a minimum. In Canada, the Vancouver and Montreal areas see the most plastic surgery, while Toronto, Edmonton and Okanagan plastic surgery industries are minimal as well.


A Defense of Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery defensePlastic surgery often gets a bad reputation as being pure vanity, as if its only use is to make rich, attractive people more attractive. It is also criticized as being against everything nature intended. The fact of the matter is, it is Hollywood and instances of “plastic surgery gone wrong” that give these procedures a bad reputation. Not all plastic surgery is vanity or a misuse of medical science. There are a number of circumstances that make plastic surgery a worthwhile cosmetic procedure.

Consider people who are scarred or disfigured in a heroic act, like rescuing someone from a burning building or intervening into a violent situation. For people who go through this kind of trauma, cosmetic surgery is certainly not vanity. It is an opportunity to gain back the confidence that was lost in an unfortunate accident, and restore physical features that the person was born with.

Hollywood is the place that comes to everyone’s mind when plastic surgery is mentioned. It is safe to say that plastic surgery has been misused in Hollywood more than once. This does not mean that other places in North America follow Hollywood’s poor example of plastic surgery uses. Other liberal, highly educated cities in the United States, such as Seattle and Minneapolis, do not value the excessive plastic surgery that is found in Hollywood. In Canada, Vancouver, Calgary and Kelowna cosmetic surgery practices give Western Canadians a number of ethical plastic surgery options, and Eastern Canada has a very high value on practicing ethical cosmetic procedures.

Be mindful not to criticize the majority of plastic surgery recipients for the crimes of the minority who have not taken plastic surgery as seriously as they should have. Plastic surgery, when used tastefully and ethically, can restore a person’s confidence, raise their self esteem, give them back parts of themselves that were lost and change a person for the better. Cosmetic surgery is a positive service to have available to those who are willing to treat it like the life altering procedure that it is.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Plastic Surgery

addicted to plastic surgeryEver since plastic surgery rose to popularity in the 1980’s, it has been a controversial matter. People have spent many hours debating on how ethical, safe and worthwhile plastic surgery is. On one hand, it can do a lot of good for people who have low self esteem over their appearance. On the other hand, it is the practice of altering one’s body, which can be considered harmful and unnatural. Ultimately, the jury is still out, but plastic surgery is a discussion item that everyone seems to have an opinion about.

Plastic surgery is certainly not without benefits. There are some people born with disproportionate features or unwanted physical aberrations. For example, if someone’s nose is excessively large and plastic surgery has given them the option of re-sizing it to suit their face without damaging its function, there is hardly an argument against that. People can suffer immensely due to humiliation over an unsightly physical feature. Similarly, if someone is born with a mole or a birthmark that serves no bodily function, there is nothing unethical about having it removed. This scenario is responsible for no physical change to a person other than a minor aesthetic alteration.

This is not to say that plastic surgery is not without its drawbacks. There are still plastic surgeries that go badly wrong and jeopardize people’s health and safety. A poor plastic surgeon may use the wrong substance, or a substance may be contaminated, which causes people to have an adverse physical reaction. Or, the surgeon may just be untalented, and make the person look unnatural. Another major drawback to plastic surgery is that it is addictive. There are people who have literally spent millions of dollars on cosmetic operations. The worst part of this is, the more plastic surgery you receive, the more potential for error you subject yourself to, and the more unnatural your appearance begins to look. Those who have become addicted to plastic surgery usually serve as the cautionary tales to anyone considering plastic surgery. In conclusion, those considering plastic surgery should take their time and meditate upon the gravity and the permanency of their decision.